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July 6, 2012

Mary Your Questions About Sentry Safe

Mary asks…

how can i program sentry safe bolts because i forgot my old combination or maybe a brochure so i can do it?

i can’t program my safe or you may give a brochure on how to operate so i can program by my self. thank you for your help.
SN: E165209 sentry safe bolts
i don’t know the model #
model # TC8-331 SN: E165209
sentry safe vaults


I am not certain the question can be answered properly without knowing the model of your safe. The link below is the Sentry Safe webpage for locating manuals. Something there should help.
The second link below is the manual for your safe. I have copied the portion that I think you want.

Models TC8-331 and TW8-331
Access Codes
There are three possible ways to unlock and access the safe—
by entering its preset Factory Code, your own User Code
or a Passcode.
You can always open the safe by entering the 5-digit Factory
Code. But if you prefer to use your own code, you can program
the safe to open to the 5-digit User Code of your choice. If you
wish to give someone else temporary access to the safe, you can
program a passcode that can later be erased.
Programming a user code
There are two ways to program a user code.
A 1. Press the Program key.
2. Enter the Factory Code. The green LED remains ON while
you enter the 5-digit user code of your choice. After 5 digits
are entered the green LED turns OFF.
(To enter a new User Code, repeat these steps.)
B 1. Press the red button inside the safe. The lock will “beep”
and the green LED will come on.
2. Enter a 5-digit user code.
(To enter a new User Code, repeat these steps.)
Programming a passcode
1. Press the Program key twice.
2. Enter your 5-digit User Code. The green LED remains ON.
3. Enter the 5-digit passcode of your choice (any combination
except 00000.) After 5 digits are entered, the green LED
turns OFF.
(To enter a new passcode, repeat these steps. To erase the
passcode, press Program twice, enter your User Code and then
enter 00000.)
To unlock the safe, you must enter a valid Factory Code,
User Code or Passcode. Once you have done this, you have
4 seconds to open the safe by turning the handle or 4-bitted key
to the unlock position. If you fail to do so in time, the lock will
(If you realize you have made an error while entering your code,
press the CLEAR button and start over.)

Ken Your Questions About Sentry Safe

Ken asks…

How to open an older floor model sentry safe?

I bought a home 20 years ago with a floor model Sentry safe that was locked and cemented in the closet of the master bedroom. The previous owners did not have the combination. I forgot about it till recently and want to try opening it! here are the facts
It’s a dial combination lock from about 1970
NO model or serial available as it is cemented into the ground and there is nothing on the face that gives the info just a tag that says SENTRY.
what’s the cheapest way to open it and be able to use it afterwards? If possible.


A locksmith could open it, and put a new lock in. Or just go buy a titanium drill bit about 3/8 to 1/2 inch and drill that puppy out. Use plenty of oil or you’ll break your bit. Might wanna buy 2.

Joseph Your Questions About Sentry Safe

Joseph asks…

I lost my secruity keys for my Sentry Safe. Can I use the keys from one of collegues that has a Sentry Safe?

The safe is a combination safe and the security button that the key goes in was pushed in.


Yes. You can use a diary key. Any small key will open any sentry safe.

Robert Your Questions About Sentry Safe

Robert asks…

Open a 1330 Sentry Safe without combination?

The 1330 Sentry Safe is a combination turn dial safe with no keys.
Does anyone know how to get into it because I forgot the combination. Locksmiths are not an option because I’m too young to hire one and dont have any money to do so.
Or if you know how to get into any turn dial safe without breaking it would be helpful.


How to Open a Sentry 1330 Safe

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I would change the ending.

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Maria Your Questions About Sentry Safe

Maria asks…

Does sentry safe use the same exact key for a model?

Do they use the same exact key for every safe in the same model? I’m just wondering cause my mom bought both my sister and I a safe and it’s the same exact one and i don’t want her being able to get into my safe.


No. It is unlikely that you would have the same keys, but not impossible. Sentry uses a rather large code series for their safes, and your combination should be different as well. If you have no combination, it is simply a small firebox.

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