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June 5, 2012

Ruth Your Questions About Sentry Safe

Ruth asks…

How to open a sentry safe that is stuck shut?

I have a fireproof/waterproof sentry safe and the key will turn but the lock is stuck. It’s a mechanical lock and does not have a combination option. Does anyone have a quick fix or will I need to send it back to sentry? I’d rather fix it myself.


Contact a local locksmith.
IF he cannot open the safe, he may know a Sentry technician.

Carol Your Questions About Sentry Safe

Carol asks…

How do I get in my locked Sentry Safe?

When I closed it, both of my keys were inside, and I didn’t realize that it would lock by itself. The Sentry safe is fire proof and water proof. The key is tubular. The lock is also made to resist expert lock picking and attacking of the lock. I have $300 worth of giftcards in my safe, so I really need to open it. I also left the paper that had all my information like my serial nuber and model number of my safe, so I don’t have the proper information to provide to get my keys replaced. What do I do. Would a lock smith be able to open it, or make a new tubular key for it.


How much did the safe cost new and how old is it, how big is it? Is it a Sentry brand? If so, what model? That might help us determine how secure it really is. If it opens only with a key, it is probably not too secure. If it cost under $150 or so, and weighs under 200 pounds, a it is not too secure. Those are meant to hold very low value items.

I will guarantee that it is is NOT fire proof NOR water proof. No safe is. They use those words as marketing hype because they define what the term means to them. It is fire resistant at best, not fire proof. For these purposes, the difference is not important though. Just to let people know that they need to read the fine print to know what protection they really have.

It will fill with water if you submurge it for long enough or if you spray a lot of water, as in a fire hose hitting it. It is totally impossible for a home safe to be water proof.

If it is the low priced one that I think it is, the statements about picking and attacking are more marketing hype than anything else. A good safe weights many hundreds of pounds, if not thousands. It also takes more than a key to open it.

If it is an inexpensive home unit, under $150 and under 200 pounds weight, you can probably drill the lock. Once you have done that, it remains to be seen how to open it. It might be apparent, it might not. Another option would be to take a hammer and chisel to it, better yet, an air chisel.

Personally, I would get estimates from a locksmith and take it in. Obviously, if it weights over a couple hundred pounds, they will have to come out.

John Your Questions About Sentry Safe

John asks…

How do you reset a sentry safe combination?

I have a sentry safe model number CS-2 and I don’t remember my digit combination and i wanted to know if anybody knew how to reset that?


As long as it’s open, no problem.
Go to the ‘Sentry’ website, and get the manual.
If it’s closed, job for a lock-smith.
You will have to prove ownership.

Daniel Your Questions About Sentry Safe

Daniel asks…

How do you unlock a sentry safe what is digital and has no key hole just a pad and a handle?

My uncle just passed and as we were clearing out his house we found a black Sentry fireproof safe that was about 3 foot wide and 3 foot tall. there is no key hole and you can pull the batterys out to change them. can anyone tell me how to get in it withought damaging what could be inside?


Take it to a locksmith, find one that is set up to get combinations from Sentry. Sometimes, there is a concealed override lock that can be picked open.

Or you could try

If you get the combination through a locksmith or through Sentry, it will probably cost about $20.

Charles Your Questions About Sentry Safe

Charles asks…

How to fix a sentry safe code problem?

I have a sentry safe here that accepted the code yesterday and opened just fine. Today it the same code does not work any ideas on how to fix


Your dealing with a very inexpensive and cheaply made safe. In our industry they are commonly referred to as “throw aways.” So if something is broken inside the safe it is not going to be cost effective to repair it in most cases.

With that being said I would check to make sure you have brand new fresh batteries installed. Go to the store and buy fresh batteries (check the date) then test the safe, do not take them out of another device you have laying around as they might not have enough voltage to properly work the electronics.

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