Your Questions About Sentry Safes Combinations

June 6, 2012

Chris Your Questions About Sentry Safes Combinations

Chris asks…

forgot my safe’s combination, locked papers in there. what to do???

what can i do?! all my papers are in the safe and i’ve forgotten my combination. it is a sentry safe MS0100. please tell me what i can do


Make sure that you have truely lost the combination.

Use the Yellowpages and get estimates from locksmiths for opening the safe. The cheapest willing to do it, gets the work.


Linda Your Questions About Sentry Safes Combinations

Linda asks…

How to open a 3 combination SAFE without combination.?

Alrighty now.. i have a sentry safe (with the key) and i have lost the combination and i have expensive things in their i need…i have done it before by gently tugging on the handle and turning the combination till it stop but i have forgot the process and the website i found out how to do it on… if u know the website plz link..if u have info(besides calling a locksmith r blowing it up r using sledge hammers on it(idiots) ) i would love you forever. Thank you(no stupid answers plz)


C4, Thermite, an industrial grade metal saw…

Actually I’d contact the manufacturer, most likely if you can provide a serial number for the safe they’ll have the combo on file.

Daniel Your Questions About Sentry Safes Combinations

Daniel asks…

which home safe is better?

Honeywell 1104 Molded Fire/Water Chest (.38 cu’) or SentrySafe DS0200 Safe 1 Hour Fireproof Combination Safe, 0.8 Cubic Feet, Black

the Honeywell one doesn’t seem to be theft resistant?
The sentry safe doesn’t seem to be waterproof?

can anyone tell me which one is better?
y is Honeywell better?


Honeywell is miles ahead so you should go for it

John Your Questions About Sentry Safes Combinations

John asks…

Inherited a Safe. Don’t Know the Combination.?

i inherited a safe with a keypad, but i dont know the combination. I went on the companies website and they want $12 for the combination. I will pay it if i need to, but Id rather not. Is there any site that will have the combination for free or even pay, but I will instantly receive the combo (otherwise its going to be at least a week because I have to mail away for it)?

Brand: Sentry Safe
Model #: X125
Serial #: X125AB1752004378


Spend the $12. It’s cheap, and it’s guaranteed, or at least as much as can be reasonably expected.

Ken Your Questions About Sentry Safes Combinations

Ken asks…

How to open my safe?

I don’t know the model number i dont know the serial number or the combination. i have my keys but there no good without the combination. without any of the numbers i dont think i can get it from sentry. Is there anyway i can open it without ruining it or am i just SOL and try every possible combination?
and YES it is my safe!! I must of threw away my paperwork or lost it or something cause ive looked all over and cant find it. I realize there are locksmiths i was thinking something less expensive.


Try Sentry Safe’s Website, click on customer care.

You may be asked to answer certain questions in order to verify you own the safe.

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